Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual

Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual

De tweede editie van het handboek over asfalt hergebruik is uitgebracht. Dit op de Amerikaanse markt gerichte werk bevat ook voor Nederland veel informatie.

The growing demand on our nation’s roadways over the last decades, decreasing budgetary funds, and the need to provide a safe, efficient, and cost effective roadway system has led to a dramatic increase in the need to rehabilitate our existing pavements. The last 35 years have seen a dramatic growth in asphalt recycling and reclaiming as a feasible alternative to traditional maintenance and rehabilitation strategies. Reusing the existing materials and renewing our pavements through pavement recycling and reclaiming meets our societal goals of providing safe and efficient roadways, while at the same time drastically reducing both the environmental impact and energy consumption specific to conventional pavement reconstruction.

The first edition of the Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual (BARM) was published in 2001 with the purpose of providing owners, specifying agencies, consultants, contractors, and engineering students with an overview of the various forms of asphalt recycling and reclaiming. This is the second edition of the BARM and it includes updated information reflecting changes and improvements to the state of practice during the last 12 years. The manual is intended to serve as a reference to those interested in learning the basics of asphalt recycling and reclaiming.

This manual is not written in such detail so that one could use it to completely evaluate, design, specify, and/or construct an asphalt recycling project. It does, however, provide information on:
• Various asphalt recycling and reclaiming methods
• Benefits and performance of asphalt recycling and reclaiming
• Project selection guidelines
• Mix design philosophies
• Construction equipment requirements and methods
• Quality assurance, inspection and acceptance techniques
• Specification requirements
• Definitions and terminology

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